hell is forever

"And the smoke of their torment goes up forever and ever, and they have no rest day or night..." 
Revelation 14:11

Divine Encounters and Visitations. 
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Baptized by Blazing Fire

by Pastor Yong-Doo Kim



   Baptized by Blazing Fire Book

During 30 days of continual prayer at The Lord's Church in So Incheion, Korea, Pastor Yong-Doo Kim and his congregation experienced a revival that changed their lives.  Equipping themselves daily with prayer and praise, the congregation had their spiritual eyes opened as they experienced healings, visions, intense spiritual warfare, and transforming encounters with Jesus.


During this time he tells about miraculous healings, visitations to heaven and hell, divine visitations, and demonic manifestiastions.  His testimony will send shockwaves around the world, and lead to the fall of Pastor Yong-Doo Kimmany demonic principalities. 


The following is a short sample of the book.  Numerous events, encounters, details and visions were not included in tis summary version.  For the complete version please purchase the book at Amazon.



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Audio: A Divine Revelation of Hell



797670: Baptize By Blazing Fire: Divine Expose? of Heaven and Hell Baptize By Blazing Fire: Divine Expose? of Heaven and Hell
By Kim Yong Doo / Creation House

During 30 days of continual prayer at The Lord's Church in So Incheon, Korea, Pastor Yon-Doo Kim and his congregation experienced a revival that changed their lives. During that time they also experienced intense spiritual warfare and supernatural manifestations. In Baptize by Blazing Fire Pastor Kim and members from his congregation share some of their experiences and guidelines for walking in the supernatural realm of miracles.


Below is a short sample of the book. Numerous events, encounters, details and visions were not included in this summary version. For the complete version please purchase the book at the link above. 


  Baptized by Blazing Fire


During 30 days of continual midnight prayer at a small Korean Church, the congregation experienced a unbelievable revival. With their hands raised up, and praying all night long, the congregation had their spiritual eyes opened as they experienced visions, healings, intense spiritual warfare, and transforming encounters with Jesus. With their spiritual eyes opened, they could actually see the demonic battles taking place during their prayer time. They were shown how devils/demons try to distract us, scare us, and deceive us while we are praying. Every demonic trick in the book was used against them to stop them from praying. They encountered and fought against numerous dragons, demon kings, false angels, false christs, demons seeking sympathy, vampires, evil spirits disguised as beautiful women, etc. They were shown demonic strategies used against Christians, and powerful new spiritual weapons useful in defeating the enemy. They were also taken to Heaven and hell many times by Jesus. It was revealed that mid-night warfare intercession, (along with the gift of speaking in tongues), was the most intense, difficult & fruitful time to pray.

There are 5 books in the series, this is only book #1. Illustrations were added, and not a part of the original book


From Jesus to Pastor Kim:  

"From now on, whatever experiences you and your congregation members see, you must document precisely what you see and hear.  Through this, I desire all the churches in Korea and all over the world to wake up.  This is the reason you were brought into this world...  At this present time the Korean churches and the congregation's interior and exterior faithful livelihood is in conflict with what I intended for them, The pastoral leaders and church members worship Me in formality and know Me merely in a written theory."

Pastor Kim: 

Our congregation believes in the power of speaking in tongues, so we were able to pray longer, more earnestly, and much deeper.  Praying in tongues also helped us concentrate, and with it came incredible abilities that opened up our spiritual sight.  The process of unlocking the spiritual sight of an individual is not only arduous, but one must overcome many obstacles.  Therefore, if you are carelessly absentminded and inadequately equipped, you will pay dearly.  Now we, too, are thoroughly prepared to counterattack by carefully preparing ourselves with praise, filling our hearts with the words of Jesus, and seeking earnestly by crying out to the Lord.

satan's subordinates come singly.  Then when one fails, two more approach; then they attack in groups of ten, thirty, fifty, one hundred, and even greater numbers.  The groups repeatedly scatter and reunite to attack according to the situation.  Then when one is chased away by a prayer, the evil spirit moves on to the next target with teasing, poking, tempting, and sometimes with whispers of sweet-talk.  Finally, when their identity is exposed, they quickly run away.  satan's subordinates appeared before us in various appearances.  Sometimes they would try to lure us by impersonating a famous entertainer, an innocent little child, a false jesus, or by masquerading as a beautiful angel of light (2 Cor.  11:14) They even threw us into confusion when appearing flawlessly disguised as my own daughter.  We fought and won, but also lost, many battles against the evil spirits.  With our losses came agonizing pain in our flesh.  The pain was so intense we rolled and tumbled on the ground many times.  When we were faced with frightfully unmanageable demons, our Lord mobilized the Archangel Michael and the Heavenly angels to assist us.  Our loving Lord assures us that we are not alone when we call on the Heavenly angels to support us after we collapse from exhaustion following the battle. 

Jesus reminded us to equip ourselves with daily prayer (Mark 9:29).  It is necessary to have regular prayer.  Jesus described the importance of praying in agreement with two or more witnesses (Matthew 18:19).  The evil forces do not leave gently.  Instead, they leave scars, and the suffering continues.

Our 2005 motto was "Be revived through prayer," and we began our prayer rally on January 2.  It ran for thirty days.  There were ten members total.  On the first day, after Sunday evening service, we had a prayer service.  On the second day (Jan.  3) we experienced the fiery presence of the Holy Spirit.  The unity prayers as well as the individual prayers exploded uncontrollably and continued until 7:30am the next morning.  After prayer service ended, we gathered in a circle to hear the testimonies and exactly what is was like to meet Jesus.  The duration of our prayer services became longer and longer.  Wednesday evening service started at 7:30pm, but barely finished by 8:00am the next morning.  Thursday, 9pm-10am.

God totally reversed our thinking.  The more we prayed, the more the Lord impacted us with amazing things.  Even though our service lasted through the night, no one complained.  Instead, they longed for more spiritual food.  The Lord came to visit us while we prayed.  We saw Him through our spiritual eyes, but at times we saw Him clearly with our physical eyes. 

As the children experienced Jesus, they were freed from disobedience and transformed into submissive, faithful servants.  Two of our members, after seeing Heaven and hell, cried on their knees and asked for forgiveness for the times they mistreated me.  In sub-zero weather they went out to share the gospel while they blew warm breath into the palms of their hands.  They headed out at 4pm and did not return until 8:30pm, with their hands and feet frozen cold.  They knew they had to be diligent because they saw their treasure being stored up in Heaven.  Meena, the 5 year old girl, prays in tongues with her arms held high for 2 to 3 hours! Our congregation received divine gifts of prophesy, spiritual distinction, speaking in tongues, knowledge, wisdom and divine faith. 

There are no falsified contents in this book, only the personal experiences of member involved with the prayer rally.

The member of Lord's Church:  [Pastor Kim]  [Kang, Hyun-ja]  [Kim, Joseph]  [Kim, Joo-Eun]  [Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo]  [Lee, Haak-Sung]  [Lee, Yoo-Kyung]  [Meena]  [Oh, Jong-Suk] [Deaconess Shin, Sung-Kyung]  [Oh, Jung-Min]

====  DAY 1  ====

====  DAY 2  ====

Pastor Kim

With the Holy Spirit's special intervention, it was as if we were on fire as we prayed.  Even though it ended after 7am the next morning, we felt we did not have enough. 

Lee, Yoo-Kyung:

I deeply yearned and with all my might called out to the Lord, "Jesus, Jesus I love You.  Let me see You.  Appear to me." I shouted and prayed diligently in tongues.  About an hour had passed when suddenly a bright light shone, and someone was standing inside the light.  I opened my eyes and was filled with shock, but did not see anything.  When I closed my eyes again, I could see clearly, so I kept my eyes closed.  Jesus stood before me wearing a brightly glowing garment.  "Yoo-Kyung, I love you" Jesus said these words, then drew closer to me and sat in front of me.  I don't think I ever saw anyone as beautiful as Him.  Jesus' hair was golden and He had beautiful, big eyes.  Jesus gently stroked my hair and said, "Yoo-Kyung, I love you"  I began to cry and my heart melted.  "I want to show you what Heaven is like," Soon we were on the way, there was a light shining so bright that I could not open my eyes.  I thought, "This must be Heaven."  When we arrived, countless angels with wings welcomed us, and Jesus took me around, introducing me to many angels.  Later Jesus asked me, "Yoo-Kyung, are you happy to be visiting Heaven?"  "Yes, Jesus, Very, very happy."  Jesus said, "Pray diligently, obey Pastor Kim, and attend church services well, then I will take you to visit Heaven more often, so be zealous."

After it was over I shared my testimony of meeting Jesus and visiting Heaven.

Baek, Bong-Nyo:

Each of us was kneeling down on a cushion to pray.  Next to me was the pastor's wife, who was dancing, filled with the Holy Spirit.  Her dance was smooth, like flowing water.  She was glowing and dancing beautifully as the Holy Spirit led her.

I continued praying in tongues.  Suddenly a glorious golden light shone, and there stood Jesus dressed in a shining white garment.  "Bong-Nyo.  I love you." Words could not describe the overflowing joy of meeting the Lord.  I had many questions for Him, and He answered them promptly.


Lee, Haak-Sung:

I concentrated on praying in tongues, without my knowledge, my prayer was filled with authority as my voice because powerful.  My body was burning up like fire, and I had to take my outer garments off.  Later, my shirt was drenched in sweat.  I had never in my life experienced this blazing fire of the Holy Spirit coming over me.  I was joyful and happy to pray.  So, I prayed on bended knee, and with painful paralysis, my legs went numb.

Pastor's wife, Kang, Hyun-ja:

I hadn't prayed a decent prayer for a long time, so I was feeling the urge.  While praying, if an unusual spiritual environment arose, the Lord dealt with the pastor and each member individually with fiery authority.  The spiritual dance that Mrs. Choo Thomas was anointed with, I yearned to receive.  And later, for the first time I was able to dance the holy dance without hesitation.  For a while I hid this gift, but I can no longer run away from the guiding forces of the Holy Spirit.  My body was anointed as with fire as my hands freely moved to the music.

====  DAY 3  ====

====  DAY 4  ====

Lee, Yoo-Kyung: 

I was praying with all my might and with a sudden burst of energy, I saw a devil that looked as though it came out of a movie.  Wearing a white garment and with long hair, it came toward me dancing and speaking in a dreary voice, "Hahahahaha Hehehehehe." I was paralyzed with fear.  "You wicked and cursed devil.  I command you in the name of Jesus to flee from me." But the devil approached closer to me crying "Hehehehe, Why should I flee? Not only am I here to hinder you from praying, but I will give you physical ailment."  Then Pastor Kim laid his hand on my head and prayed, shouting, "You filthy devil.  I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to flee."  The devil was gone.  The pastor told us, "We must be confident when we pray."

I resumed praying, calling out "Jesus, help me.  Help me." I was calling out to Him for quite some time when Jesus appeared in the bright light.  He spoke to me, "Yoo-Kyung, do not worry.  I will protect you...No matter what kind of demons attack you, do not be afraid and do not worry.  With all your strength call out to me and I will come and cast the demons away.  So, don't be afraid and be strong.


====  DAY 5  ====

Author's Note: The marriage between Sister Baek, Bong-Nyo and Jesus symbolizes the relationship between the Savior and the sinners He saved.  He wanted to show this to the new convert, Sister Baek. 

Baek,   Bong-Nyo:

After service I started diligently praying in tongues when the Lord appeared to me and said, "Bong-Nyo, let's go to Heaven." He held my hand and guided me.  Soon I was standing at the foot of our Heavenly Father's holy throne.  Jesus explained passionately the reason why I was brought to Heaven: "Bong-Nyo, I wish to have a beautiful wedding in Heaven with you today, and that's why we are here." Soon, the angels started preparing my gown and adorned me with many jewels.  I have never seen anything like the golden gown prepared for me.  I was filled with joy.  Many angels and citizens of Heaven congratulated our matrimony, and I shall never forget this scene.  Right then the holy throne of our Heavenly Father seemed to sway ever so slightly back and forth.  Each time His holy throne moved, because God was so pleased, five brilliant colors radiated out.  After the ceremony, I traveled holding the Lord's hand all over Heaven.  I was at the peak of my happiness.

Lee, Haak-Sung:

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